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Salesforce Best Practices for Industries

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Salesforce is already used by hundreds of thousands of companies all over the Globe. Take a glance at the way it changes the traditional landscape of numerous industries.


Become the sole provider for your clients

  • Deliver connective, individual involvement for every client
  • Establish easy cooperation across customers, representatives, agents and retail partners
  • Benefit on Salesforce mobile, empower field agents with digital tools to excel in their job

Healthcare Industry

#1 CRM of the world, properly tailored for healthcare challenges

  • Lead each patient across individual care journey
  • Cooperate within the global healthcare environment
  • Implement intellectual, immediate insights to achieve trust
  • Speed up conversion, registration, support and digital Transformation
  • Track the KPIs of the Sales Rep and Marketing Teams

Wealth Management

Great new advantage for Advisors

  • Today’s FinTech industry leaders need to adapt or risk losing established client networks to industry disruptors.
  • Explore the new space of opportunities using visual relationship schemes
  • Raise advisor performance with interconnected dashboards


Highest quality standards, rich experience of successful delivery of the most responsible Salesforce projects in the world.

Salesforce Industry Solutions by
Al-Wadood Tel

Every business niche is quite unique, and so do their companies’ software needs and requirements. This is especially true for customer relationship management systems, as the specifics of company-client relationships vary from one industry domain to another. Salesforce caters to the needs of businesses from the full range of industries, but since each company is not like any other, some might still require the development of a custom solution, delicate customizations to the org or integration with third-party applications.

As a leading Salesforce solutions provider, Al-Wadood Tel delivers advanced Salesforce customization and development solutions tailored to the needs of specific business domains. Since its inception, our team has provided highly personalized SF industry-specific solutions. Through them, we help our customers uncover the full potential of Salesforce and empower them with numerous capabilities, allowing them to gain a competitive edge and reinforce their relationships with clients.

Benefits of Salesforce Solutions

by Al-Wadood Tel

Expertise with multiple industry domains

Certified Salesforce Consultants

8+ years experience in Salesforce Consulting

Available 24/7 to clients across the globe

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