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Digital Cloud Transformation of Your Business

Salesforce provides a constantly expanding set of great solutions for raising efficiency and productivity of the key components of your business.

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Salesforce Cloud Development Services at Al-Wadood Tel

Implementation of a Salesforce Cloud Solution

If you’ve made a decision to adopt one of Salesforce clouds, it’s crucial to set it up the right way. We’ll help your team embrace the new technology by configuring it to your business specifics and providing them with the necessary documentation and training.

Salesforce Cloud Integration

Your Salesforce infrastructure is a complex structure, and adding a new component to it is not as simple and straightforward as it may appear at first sight. Al-Wadood Tel will help you integrate the new cloud with Salesforce solutions you already use, as well as third-party apps.

Salesforce Cloud Customization

Whether you just started taking advantage of a specific Salesforce cloud or your team’s been using it for a while, you might face the need of customizing it to the requirements of your company. Whether it’s tweaking the interface, building a custom app and integrating it with a legacy system, we’ are eager to help.

Salesforce Cloud Services Solutions

Al-Wadood Tel will help you lead innovations, implement the selected clouds, achieve remarkable user adoption, and make your business thrive with Salesforce!

Sales Cloud

Implement Sales Cloud To Increase Revenue

  • Get access to crucial sales information in real-time, anywhere
  • Close more deals with leads, contact and opportunity management
  • Get more leads with tracking customer interactions and marketing automation
  • Accelerate productivity with sales collaboration, email integrations, workflows, approvals and territory management
  • Make smart decisions with AI-driven sales forecasting, dynamic reports and dashboards, intelligent pipeline visualization

Service Cloud

Implement Service Cloud To Drive Repeat Business

  • Provide contextual support through messaging, social and web feeds
  • Provide an individual and complete approach to the client.
  • Improve customer service with artificial intelligence
  • Expand field service with the best mobile experience
  • Make valuable decisions with powerful service analytics
  • Provide customers with self-service connectivity

Marketing Cloud

Implement Marketing Cloud and Pardot to Boost Your Marketing ROI

  • Compose and send millions of personalized dynamic emails
  • Arrange time-sensitive location-based mobile interactions
  • Build advertising journeys to nurture your leads
  • Listen and engage with your customers across social channels
  • Use ai technologies to find and reach out to new audiences
  • Enrich your marketing communications with dynamic individual content

Community Cloud

Implement Community Cloud To Get Engaged With Clients And Grow Revenue

  • Provide the Best, individual approach to customers, to make them your supporters and promote your brand
  • Maximize revenue from partners – establish high-performance channels of interaction with partners and conclude transactions faster
  • Provide access to relevant content based on personal recommendations, interests and customer behavior
  • Rethink every point of interaction with a business, provide an interactive marketing effect and get more potential customers
  • Introduce gamification to encourage customer engagement and community input
  • Easy setup of multiple communities with single sign-on

Financial Services Cloud

Implement Financial Services Cloud to manage multiple clients and households, keep track of financial goals and significant life events

  • Create personal experiences that build customer trust and loyalty with Salesforce finance CRM
  • 75% of policyholders would switch insurers to get more personalized service
  • 73% of millennials indicate they would be more excited about a new financialservices product from Google, Amazon, Apple, PayPal, or Square than from their current banks
  • 67% of investors cite modern tools for financial planning as a key factor for choosing a financial advisor Today’s customers want effortless, efficient, and highly personalized interactions whenever and wherever they choose to engage and the knowledge that their data is protected and secure

Customize Cloud

Customize Salesforce To Your Business Needs And Boost Efficiency.

  • Get professional review of your processes and IT infrastructure to develop digital cloud transformation roadmap
  • Expand standard Salesforce functionality with custom applications on platform
  • Visualize data flows, reports and dashboards to obtain relevant business intelligence for smart decisions
  • Integrate Salesforce with external software to build seamless business management systems
  • Create infrastructure and migrate data from any source to Salesforce to drive cloud innovations
  • Automate documents creation and processing

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